Negotiate a High Salary

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Negotiate a High Salary when Applying for a Job

Presented by Charles L Harmon

Negotiate a High Salary
Negotiate a High Salary

In life everything is negotiable and high starting salaries in a new location is no exception. As a trained and experienced professional, your employer has to pay a higher salary for your experience, skills, and expertise and if you don’t negotiate a high salary it may not happen.

To show that you are a career-minded and ambitious person, at the time of getting confirmation that you have got the job, you need to negotiate with your new employer, the salary aspect. Negotiating a high salary is nothing to be ashamed of and if you don’t ask for it, you have to then accept what the employer has to offer. Well, and good but do not start grumbling after one month of joining the company.


Follow these tips to negotiate a high starting salary in order to ensure the confidence and success of higher pay-out:

Negotiate a High Salary
Negotiate a High Salary
  1. First, try to understand the scenario when you are chosen for the job – the interviewer /employer has told you so. It is either after your selection or during the interview when you have to ask about the salary.
  2. Allow the interviewer/employer to do the talking first about your salary – what the company will tell about your entitlement for the position they are taking you in.
  3. Listen carefully and after the interviewer/employer finishes his part, you start with yours.
  4. Give him/her reasons why you refuse the salary you are offered – why you think you are fit for a much higher salary.
  5. Sometimes you will find that the interviewer/employer would agree to what you are asking, on the spot – he/she finds you very impressive; there is so much confidence in you that spot approval is given.
  6. Suppose he/she tries to talk you out of your want for a higher salary, still negotiate a high salary; this time also, you have to give good reasons.
  7. Remember that there are others who would jump at the chance for joining the company at the salary the company offers.
  8. If you need the job badly and would not mind being relocated to any other location, you have to really talk smart, while explaining briefly where you stand.
  9. Make sure that you don’t jump to the first offer without giving it a second thought, after which, you say what you have to say.
  10. The interviewer/employer will always try to talk you out of your ‘higher salary’ discussion. He/She would also go to the extent of promising you a raise in your salary after three months of your joining.
  11. Do not fall for this because it is, in more than 90% cases, a gimmick and nothing else on the part of the employer.
  12. This will also show that the interviewer/employer wants your services badly. You can now be sure to negotiate a high salary as you want.
  13. Keep in mind that you have a family to look after and responsibilities to cater to, and to maintain a good lifestyle you need to earn high so negotiate a high salary while you still have the opportunity.

If you find that your negotiation tactics of negotiating a high salary are not working, or they have miserably failed, then accept their current offer but make sure that they give you a rise after three months of your joining.

After you apply and before you are called for an interview, if you have some free time, do some research about the company – the type of work, the salary to be offered, and other related issues. This will make your negotiation for a higher salary stronger.

Well, you have nothing to lose; after all the final decision to join or not to join lies with you. If you don’t negotiate for a high salary then chances are it will never happen.

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